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Who We Are?

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Our Mission
Create global awareness about the value of music education through the use of music lessons and programs that help shape and mentor the next generation.

Our Vision
A world where music education is used as a primary tool to help empower its students and embrace individuality.

Our Values
Provide superior service with transparency and integrity for the success of our communities and its citizens.


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Check out why our students love McKay’s Music

My son Daniel has been taking lessons with McKay’s Music for four years now and it has been a pleasure to work with them. His growth is amazing!

Jeanette A

Amazing experience, my daughter has been making unbelievable progress! Thank you for your enthusiasm to teach music.

Jessica Rosseta

We tried enrolling our daughter in piano lessons once before and she hated it. After a family member referred us to McKay’s Music we decided to try again and I am happy we did not only does she love it but she loves practicing as well.

John Avaro

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We teach music lessons, offer a state of the art drumline, homeschool classes and provide consulting for schools and band programs.